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How Police Trace Cell Phone Location By Mobile Number or imei number

how police trace cell phone location by mobile number or imei number what is technology and methods used to find a lost phone or criminal is explained by me in this blog .
generally when phone is lost then you will directly complain in police station and you will have doubt that how police tracks or traces the phone so there are three methods to used by police in order to trace a phone

 Method 1 : 

if the phone lost belongs to modern generation then police can track that phone by using the GPS and internet in the target phone so let me explain it with example so let us assume that you friend phone has been lost and you might have given complaint then police will have separate equipment to determine the exact location of phone by using GPS of the phone

Method 2 :

 In this method generally police takes help of  Sim service Provider so service providers registers every signal towers that they have and gives unique identification code which means if the phone is stolen then police will contact the service provider and then the service provider will track phone location by using the signal towers . service provide send the information to which signal tower the target phone near to and police can go there and find the phone but if the phone is basic or old generation phone then its is very difficult to find the location so police takes help of Sim service provider and service provider will track location according to the signal tower but this method is not good to find exact location

Method 3 :

 another method police use to track or trace phone is triangulation method where police takes help of service provider and this service provider makes use of three signal towers to measures the distance between phone and each of three towers and then a small location of circle is formed in middle where phone is located and police can know exact location of the phone

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If you want to know more the watch video given below


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